Jordan Agro is an electronic dance music DJ and music producer who previously modeled and was featured in Vogue Italia.
In 2020, the artist switched completely to music and the debut single “Tell Me” became the first step in his career. In 2021, he took part in The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, creating his debut EP “Another Modern Life” in collaboration with The New York Times journalist Ian Urbina.

In September of the same year, Jordan Agro also released the second single “Revolution” for The Noam Chomsky Music Project. The author of the text was the American philosopher and professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Noam Chomsky.

In June 2023, was released the single “Let's Go” that quickly became number one in the Russian Top 100 Electronic Singles Chart on iTunes. September saw the release of the single "Dancefloor". It also reached number one in the Russian and Belarusian Top 100 Electronic Singles Charts on iTunes.